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Lawn Services

What you can expect from Sybran Property Maintenance: 

Residential and Commercial customers can expect the same exceptional service, including; 

  • Cut weekly on the same day (weather permitting) 

  • We will maintain a lawn height of 3 inches 

  • Bagging or Mulch of grass clippings at your preference (bagging extra) 

  • Trimming always included in price 

  • Cleaning of all walkways, driveways, and patios of grass clippings 

  • Remove and dispose of clippings if bagged 

  • One stop shopping – You can have your spring cleanup, seasonal grass cutting, garden maintenance and fall cleanup all on one easy monthly bill 

Other services offered 

  • Dethatching 

  • Aeration 

  • Lawn fertilizing 

  • Top dress and overseed 

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